As of 10/21/2020 all visitation has been suspended until further notice.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

Livingston Hills Nursing and Rehabilitation

Reopening Plan Revised 10/9/2020JM

Interdisciplinary Team Members:

Jennefer Mitchell DON, Renee Cole UMS, Valerie Farley UMN, Wendi Rinaldi UME, Lisa Smith HR Assistant.



As per Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released Guidelines.

Reopening will not begin until all phases of the region have met reopening benchmarks plus 14 days post completion.

All residents will receive a baseline COVID-19 swab with negative results for all in house.

  1. Community Case status- within guidelines of safety
  2. Livingston Case status- Negative in house
  3. Adequate staffing
  4. Hospital capacity within accommodating status
  5. Universal control- PPE readily available for staff and visitors on hand at 14 day supply at all times.
  6. Lab testing services adequate
  7. Staff testing on weekly basis for screening
  8. Written screening protocols in place and compliant


Covid/Infection control completed by state and no citations received


Visitation plan:

Weather Permitting Courtyard visitation. Alternate indoor location is to be the front lobby. 6 feet of maintained distance. Area cleaned between visits with a viral cleaning solution.

Screening to include:

  1. First and last name of visitor

Ii. Physical address

Iii Daytime and evening phone number

Iv. Date and time of visit

  1. Email address if available

Vi. Notation that visitor cleared screening (temp and questions).

Vii. Results of a negative covid test within 7 days prior of visit. (Except for end of life approved visits) End of life may be in room, if there is a roommate the roommate will be removed for the visit and cleaning done prior to  re-entry.


Visitation will be scheduled by Reception and the Nursing manager will be consulted for appointment time/day. Visits are to be Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 4 pm. To allow for proper staff observance of the visit. Weekend will be as requested and subject to availability of observant.

PPE must be worn with a face mask at all times. Hand sanitizer at start and finish of visit.


No more than 10% of the population may have visitors in a day/24 hour period.

Visits will be limited to two adults over the age of 18 at any time.

Visitors must maintain social distancing


In the event that a positive infection is detected in house by any staff or Resident plan re-evaluation for containment will be addressed and implemented as per original COVID-infection policy.

All criteria above must be re-evaluated and met to re-open.

Family members, staff and Residents will be immediately notified of any change to status of facility pertaining to visitation restrictions.


Jennefer Mitchell DNS


Renee Cole UMS


Valerie Farley UMN


Wendi Rinaldi UME


Lisa Smith HR