Livingston Hills offers a well-rounded program to residents through our services, the use of the latest technology, and our experienced and friendly staff.

By taking into account each individual’s needs, our team creates a custom Care Plan specifically designed to encourage a speedy recovery and promote physical and mental well-being. With our newly renovated facility, we provide these services in a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere.


Through the use of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy with our specially trained staff, we can offer rehabilitation services seven days a week in order to maximize each resident’s results. These programs are designed to increase mobility, independence, and also educate residents on their condition to improve understanding and awareness of preventative measures they can take in the future. Our new on-site gym contains state-of-the-art exercise equipment along with a friendly atmosphere where residents can work with our therapists in a supportive environment.

Rehabilitation is ideal for post-orthopedic surgical care, joint replacement care, amputee management, neurological disorders, stroke recover, diabetic conditions, and other medical conditions.

Wound Care

Wound Care at Livingston Hills is provided through the combination of skilled experts in the field and use of the latest technology. Our team consists of specially trained nursing staff who provide exceptional wound care along with a specialist wound physician who is certified in wound care who makes weekly visits to residents. All our staff go through extensive training on how to use the latest technology to increase healing through the use of Wound VACs. This process thoroughly cleans the wound, removes infectious material, and allows the wound to heal faster, allowing residents to recover much more quickly.

Long-Term Care

For those who require a long-term stay, our caring staff are available with nurses on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each one of them is dedicated to providing exceptional clinical services in a friendly and supportive manner to make each resident feel at home and cared for.

Our comprehensive team consists of nurses, CNAs, therapists, dietary staff, and an activities department to provide the complete package for long-term needs.

Nutritional Care

Our Nutritional Care covers Bariatric services, tube feedings, diabetic care, and other nutritional needs. With a Registered Dietitian in-house, our dietary team is able to closely monitor each resident’s nutritional goals and make adjustments when necessary. They work with our nursing and therapist teams to aid in promoting a speedy recovery and healthy lifestyle.

Memory Care Unit

The nurses in Livingston Hills’ Memory Care Unit receive extra training to care for those with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other memory disorders. This unit fosters a caring and supportive environment with exercises, activities, and therapy to meet the specific needs of these residents.

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