The history of the property on which Livingston Hills Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is located is as storied as Columbia County itself. The property was originally part of the estate of John Livingston, a member of the Livingston Family, one of the oldest families in what is now Columbia County. The estate was divided into numerous parcels over time. A 75 acre parcel found itself under the ownership of Stephen O. Potts, the founder of the Southern Express Company – a freight hauling business. Stephen and his wife Nettie never had children but took in his half-sister Ida Caroline Potts, who was 30 years younger than her brother. Nettie and her maid both suffered from tuberculosis – leading Caroline to develop an interest in caring for the ill.

Ida never married and inherited her brother’s estate in 1904. Ida became a philanthropist, giving money to numerous causes including the Hudson Hospital, the Hudson Orphanage, and assistance to construct a public library in Livingston. A portion of Ida’s estate was left to create a hospital that was to provide for the care, treatment, and rehabilitation of persons afflicted with tuberculosis; also supports efforts to eradicate tuberculosis, including fellowship programs for physicians. The Potts Memorial Hospital was established in 1926. Due to advances in modern medicine, the hospital shuttered its doors in the 1950s and the Potts Memorial Foundation came into existence.

Around this time, laymen from the Seventh Day Adventists Church purchased the land to create a retirement community for members of the church. A nursing home was constructed on the property and has since been sold to private ownership.

Livingston Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has been owned and operated by Zenith Care, LLC. since October 2013.