Volleyball with the Bard College Men’s Team

On March 6th, members of the Bard College Men’s Volleyball team came to spend the day with our residents at Livingston Hills. They brought the coach, freshman Josandra Gibbs from Student Affairs, and 10 players. They did a meet-and-greet with over 50 residents. Together they spoke about college life and what it takes to be a college athlete during this generation compared to when the residents were in college.

They also played a game called Balloon toss with a twist. Instead of simply hitting the balloon around, the students showed the proper way to bump, set and spike. The residents truly enjoyed it and we can’t wait for their next visit on April 17th. This will be by musically inclined students from Bard College.

We thank the men’s volleyball team and coach for their time along with the free tickets for games at Bard College. Best of luck to all the athletes at Bard College!

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