Dear Mr. Roberts.

I was a recent patient at your wonderful facility and wish to express my sincere thanks for the care I received. I came to Livingston Hills after a stay in North Dutchess Hospital, being treated for pneumonia. Needless to say, I was in terrible shape when I came to Livingston Hills.

The attention I received from your staff, particularly from the nursing staff on the east wing and the physical therapy department, helped me to achieve a full recovery. The nursing staff really tried to anticipate my needs and were always seeking to make me as comfortable as possible. The assistants on the east wing were just as helpful. Throughout my stay I felt taken care of. None of this would have been possible without the assistance of the nurse’s aides.

As for the physical therapy department, every day they challenged me to work hard to improve my physical condition. During my stay, each one of the therapists engaged me in some activity which kept me focused. It seemed everyone there thoroughly enjoyed their work, and they never ran out of new ideas to keep the therapy interesting. I also learned much more about how my lungs functioned and how the exercises helped me to get better. I can really attest to the fact that I feel very strong compared to when I first came there.

In addition, this was the first time I had the pleasure of observing each therapist at work with the patients. They always demonstrated patience and kept us focused on the tasks at hand. How hard must it be to keep a positive attitude under such conditions.

I was discharged on August 11 and have had the benefit of a few days to see if I could retain what I learned at Livingston Hills. I am happy to say that the things that I learned at Livingston Hills will stay with me for a very long time.

Please convey my deepest thanks to you and your staff. I am a better person having stayed at Livingston Hills. Thank you.

Respectfully yours, GOD Bless.

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